Longer Cutest Shirts…

Longer Cutest Shirts…

Just stopping by to leave you with one of the cutest tops ever!! When I first saw it I wasn’t sure if it was a dress or a shirt. Probably a little too short for a dress, but that gave me an idea on how to wear it.

If you own any kind of long shirt, where you don’t know if you should wear it as a dress or just have it fixed to make it shorter, well don’t! Throw in a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and your favorite heels! Also, who else is loving this little new bag?! This design was made as a collaboration of two amazing Mexican brands: LOB and Olmos y Flores, who work super hard to come up with a collection that would represent a very romantic yet strong woman, and I’m obsessed with it!


Paso a dejarles una de las blusas mas cute del mundo!! Cuando vi la blusa, al principio, no tenía idea de cómo usarla, ¿Es un vestido muy corto? ¿Es una blusa muy larga? Pero se me ocurrió la mejor idea para usarla.

Si tienes blusas que son muy largas y no sabes si con qué ponértelas; o simplemente mandarlas a cortar, detente ahí! Unos boyfriend jeans rotos nunca te van a fallar, agrégale tus tacones favoritos y que mejor que la bolsa bonita que tengas!!  

Top: Karloz Zermeño

Jeans: Pull & Bear

Sunglasses: Vboutique

Purse: Olmos y Flores

Heels: Zara


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